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University of South Alabama

NextGen EHR 5.8/KBM 8.3 Teaching Materials

PowerPoint/PDF Lessons

These are NextGen instructional materials created at the University of South Alabama (USA) for EHR 5.8 and KBM 8.3--the latest version in use at our facility.  Non-USA users are welcome to use them as well, but keep in mind that some template customizations have been made, and that the workflow demonstrated is designed to accommodate a large, multi-specialty, academic practice.  With that caveat in mind, knock yourself out.

Each of the following links will allow you to download or view the lesson in either a PDF or PowerPoint Slideshow (PPS) format; the largest file should only take 2-3 minutes to download at typical broadband speeds.  The slideshows are probably the better choice for viewing, since the PDFs don't convey the animation component.

Note:  The University of South Alabama is transitioning to a different EHR, so these lessons are no longer being updated, but they remain helpful to those still needing to use NextGen during this transition.

Disclaimer:  These materials were created by R. L. Duffy at the University of South Alabama, using NextGen EHR 5.8 and KBM 8.3.  These are not sponsored or sanctioned by NextGen, and do not represent official training materials or workflow recommendations.  The full disclaimer that NextGen has requested be placed on this site is posted here.

Correspondence:  Dr. Duffy.


These lessons review various components of NextGen, and will be useful for most all users and most specialties.

ICD 10 Changes in NextGen:    PPS    PDF

What's New in EHR 5.8 & KBM 8.3 compared to prior versions:    PPS    PDF

Allergies:    PPS    PDF
Appointment List:    PPS    PDF
Assessment, Plan, Diagnostic Studies, and Referrals:    PPS    PDF
Attending Signoff (Preceptor Template):    PPS    PDF
Dictation (Emdat/Nuance Transcription Service):    PPS    PDF
Documents:    PPS    PDF
E&M Coding (Visit Billing):    PPS    PDF
Generic Procedure Template (Using Nexplanon Insertion As Example):    PPS    PDF
Guidelines:    PPS    PDF
Histories Tab (Chronic Condition List, Past Medical/Surgical/Interim, Family, & Social Histories):    PPS    PDF
Image Module:    PPS    PDF
Immunizations:    PPS    PDF
Lab Orders and Results:    PPS    PDF
Medication Module:    PPS    PDF
NextPen:    PPS    PDF
Office Tests and Meds:    PPS    PDF
Patient Portal:    PPS    PDF
Procedures:    PPS    PDF
Procedure Templates--Problems You May Encounter, & Suggested Workarounds
:    PPS    PDF
Provider Approval Queue (PAQ):    PPS    PDF
Provider Selection:    PPS    PDF
Reminder Tasks (Excerpted from Tasks lesson):    PPS    PDF
Reporting:    PPS    PDF
Tasks:    PPS    PDF
Telephone Notes and Clinic Memos (Telephone Template):    PPS    PDF
User Personalization:    PPS    PDF
Vital Signs:    PPS    PDF

Mini-lessons and updates:

Additional Billing Codes:    PDF
Diabetic Foot Exams:    PDF
Lab Result Printing:    PPS    PDF
Maximizing Med Favorites:    PPS    PDF
Medication Favorites for Nurses:    PPS    PDF
Order Module Viewed Column Customization:    PPS    PDF
Out Of Office Tasking:    PPS    PDF
Problem List Mapping:    PPS    PDF
Task and PAQ coverage; Logging yourself as "Out Of Office":    PDF
Tobacco History (excerpted from the Histories lesson above):    PPS    PDF

Workflow Examples

These lessons illustrate various sample encounters.  You can tell from the titles whether they will be applicable to your practice.  Keep in mind that in the current version workflow is very similar across all the primary care specialties.  This means that most adult or adolescent examples will be useful for a provider in any primary care specialty.

Adult Patient With Acute Bronchitis and Chronic Problems:    PPS    PDF
Adult Nephrology Visit:    PPS    PDF
Adult Pulmonology Visit:    PPS    PDF
Adult Rheumatology Visit:    PPS    PDF
Routine GYN Pelvic-Pap Visit:    PPS    PDF
Prenatal Intake Visit:    PPS    PDF
Prenatal Follow-up Visit (with ultrasound and labs):    PPS    PDF
Well Child Visit:    PPS    PDF

DISCLAIMER: The information in this document is not approved, endorsed, or sponsored by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC or its affiliates (“NextGen Healthcare”).  Under no circumstance will NextGen Healthcare be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on information contained in this document and it is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness thereof.  All rights, title and interest to and ownership of the NextGen® software referred to in this document, and all derivative works therefrom, and all worldwide intellectual property rights therein, are and shall remain the exclusive property of NextGen Healthcare.